Maximise your investment with Pinnacle

Our investments are always tailored to a client’s goals, whether requiring short term returns or long term portfolio building, we work a plan to be the most efficient taking into account all probabilities. Pinnacle has multiple bespoke plans focusing solely on real estate investment both commercial and residential and individual client portfolio growth. Our unique selling point is that we never hold a client’s money or put a client into a venture that isn’t their own legally. We only get remunerated on performance. We also specialise in working with sports professionals working closely with the client and their advisors also, you can find this on our sports page.

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We never hold client’s money or advise clients to joint venture, a client’s investment is always legally their own. We have various plans and focuses are all individual dependent on a multitude of reasons. Relatively speaking our clients tend to work with the following basic premises;

Real estate development investment

This is working towards high returns on projects requiring planning, redevelopment, new builds, hmo’s, property splits etc. This involves purchasing, utilizing our skills and experts, possibly working with our architect and planning advisors and then further on to our construction department renovating or building out our investment goals. Simply put it involves a purchase with an investment plan/ gain any consents required/ redevelop and then sell for a profit as we planned. Typically returning higher than a 22% return after costs. Often we then repeat the process with a slightly higher budget and continue to grow the investment pot.

Portfolio growth

This is a longer term investment strategy, often for clients wanting to use finance over a longer period and clients that have no need to draw out returns. We often target an area of interest purchasing in demand stock/ houses in distress/ up and coming stock in areas predicted to flourish. This is a route returning much higher returns than other more conventional investment routes whilst having the security in something physical. Often our clients are on 5-10 year plans with varying pots and housing stock targets. We typically aim for anything with an 8% yearly rental yield plus.

Development and Portfolio Growth

This is a mixture of both of the above. Often our client will split the pot of investment to achieve both long term and short term returns. Sometimes our clients want to increase the portfolio investment via gaining more funds initially via development investment.

Alternative routes of investment

We also have other investment strategies for a higher risk client taker such as; Land without planning strategies/ HMO’S/ Student accommodation/ Commercial conversions etc.

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