Investment Process

The Process That Works

Phase 1

Client intro meeting. Covering client brief requirements, preferences, basic tax position, basic cash flows and budget.
Client in depth meeting. Covering tax position and budgeting along with long term planning from 1-5 years.
Establish a target brief. Typically development yields or portfolio building with rental returns.
Review the brief options with client. Typically 3 options along with 3 fee proposals offering flat fees, performance fees or joint ventures. Finalise brief with client and fee proposal. Contract agreement and retainer payment.

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Phase 2

Start the investment search. Typically taking 2 to 8 weeks dependant on what's available.
Shortlist target areas and developments.
Internal view with the design and management team.
Produce full reports on each individual sites/opportunities covering development possibilities, budgets yields and profitability.
Finalise options and agree on purchase prices organising tax issues and solicitor issues.
Development(s) purchase.

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Phase 3

Arrange architect designs if required working with the structural engineers and our management and quantity surveyors.
Produce final design.
Produce finalise budget and schedule.
Arrange optional finance if required.
Finalise health and safety and CDM regulations.
Start development.
Manage development from start to finish.
Arrange marketing and sale of development.
Performance review of the sale and start the process again.

Phase 4

Typically small renovations, 4 to 8 weeks.
Agent for marketing and insurances.
Tenant and start generation.
Look at finance options after 6 to 9 months.
Start the process again.

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